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Bhop + Bungee
« on: July 18, 2012, 02:49:30 am »
Hey guys, I talked to CrancK about adding bhop and bungee to the jump server, and he was kind enough to share the plugins with us, so I've added them to the server.

Bhop just works automatically for now (I'll make a !bhop command later), and it lets you hold down your jump key to keep jumping. It also has a !speedo command to see your speed in game units per second.

As for bungee, it's a spy plugin that requires you to bind a key to +bungee. After that just look at a wall and hit that key.

Update: I've disabled bhop for the time being. I want to implement that !bhop command first so that it doesn't interfere with players who don't want it active.

Update 2: Bhop is all setup with a !bhop command now.
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