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Off Topic / bombs has made a new thread in the Off Topic forum
« on: September 05, 2012, 05:54:08 pm »
ya i did it

Off Topic / this is the 1000th post on the saxton hell forums
« on: July 25, 2012, 05:43:53 am »

Jump Hell / a jump hell overview for new players
« on: July 20, 2012, 12:48:44 am »
ok so there's a lot of confusion about all the various stuff on jump hell, about what you can and can't do, so i'm going to post a simple list of the things available on jump hell


the first step is enable the dev console. go to options, click advanced, and click 'enable console' so it is checked. to use the console, simply press the `(~) tilde key right below the escape key on most keyboards. to exit you can press escape or the same key again.

now there are a few things you can do with this.

--concussion grenades [+conc]--
this feature gives the scout, spy and medic timed projectile bombs that can be used to jump. you can have a maximum of 3 out at any time. Something people dont realize sometimes, is that you can hold down the button and "cook" the grenade. They explode after 4 seconds, and you'll hear 3 beeps followed by the explosion. hold the button down until its about to explode, let it go, and you can get the boost whilst in the air.

the command for this is bind [key] +conc

with these commands always make it accessible with your left hand, unless you have a mouse with extra buttons. I have mine mapped to mouse4

NOTE: while there are maps designed to use the conc grenades, they get played rarely and are NOT necessary on any of the normal scout jump maps. dont abuse them, its cheap.

--bungee jumping [+bungee]--
if you've played a newer spiderman game you understand this mechanic already. the spy (and only spy) can use this tool to swing from point to point like a grapple. you can grab onto most solid objects and walls. you have to hold the button down while using it as well.

the command is bind [key] +bungee

again, left hand or on the mouse, i have mine on my mouse.

NOTE: this can be used in conjunction with the concussion grenades, but gets buggy when you start moving too fast. dont just cheat the maps using this feature, either.


This is one of my favorite commands. typing !hide into chat instantly makes all other players invisible, and you cannot touch them. Maps get crowded when the server is full. Too many people dicking around on a jump? !hide them. Type it again to disable it. A few notes of interest, you cannot hear the sound of a concussion grenade (see the +conc section) when hiding other players. You CAN still see engineer buildings. You CAN still see marks left by explosions from other players rockets. Other players CAN still see you.

--bunny hopping [!bhop]--
bhop or "bunny hopping" is basically a mechanic of several previous games (quake, team fortress classic, half life, etc.) that allowed you to constantly jump without losing momentum. Holding space allows you to jump and keep your momentum, as well as gain speed by strafe circling. bhop works with all classes

it can only be activated thru the in game chat by typing !bhop into the chat. after that you can hold space to continue jumping. It also works while holding both crouch and jump. while i can't really think of any legit practical use for this yet, i'm sure there is one, AND if you jump continuously while shooting a rocket at your feet as you land you will continuously build speed and can fly insane distances. It's really quite fun. Try it on jump_trix especially

!bhop appears to be usable with all classes.

as a final note, bhop was added recently, and as such could be modified in the near future.

--on screen spedometer [!speedo]--
this is a simple speedometer command that displays an on screen value for your current speed. This speed is measured in Hammer Units per second, the source unit of measurement or something. for a good reference a soldier moves at 240 units per second while running. it's possible that this command only works if you have already activated the bhop command, i think thats the way it is currently but that is subject to change.

!speedo works with all classes

!superman is a chat command that grants the player invulnerability from all damage. You cannot die in any conventional manner with this enabled. There is really only a few reasons to use this command. Most maps require that all players are on the same team. Some do not. On the very few maps that do not force teams AND have Jump Mode enabled (there are not many, I know the Rickler maps are like this) this can protect you from people who try and spawn camp or whatever.

The only other real use for this command is to allow you to CHEAT as a demoman with excess stickies. Since you can't die there's no limit to the number of stickies you can use at once (besides the number the launcher allows out at once). Don't be a cheater! All, if not 99% of demo maps are made such that you will never need more than 3 stickies. You usually only even need 2 at once. there may be maps that require 3 but using more than 3 is circumventing the design of the map and therefore cheating, or cheesing, or whatever you want to call it.

!fov is the chat command that allows you to change your field of view. The larger the number the more you can see at once. To use it you have to have a number of degrees after the command.

!fov 90

just dont go lower than 80 and dont go higher than 150 cause that's just silly.

!showkeys is a chat command used primarily while spectating other players. to spectate, press the period key (change teams) and click the little tv. once you're spectating type the command and you'll see a little overlay on the right side of the screen with the wasd keys, mouse1 and mouse2, crouch, use and jump. this is a very helpful command for new players, as it allows them to see exactly what keys are being pressed as they are being used.

--!regen and !resupply--
These commands are basically already active on most maps. On jump hell we have automatic health and ammo regeneration, allowing you to continuously fire rockets without reloading, and allowing you to continuously rocket jump without dying. These features can be easily turned off by using these commands. using !regen will DISABLE health regeneration if jump mode is enabled, and !resupply will DISABLE ammo regeneration. This feature exists so people can play the maps the way they were intended. a lot of maps dont actually need the continuous regeneration and turning that feature off allows you to play exactly how the map maker intended. An example is the map 4starters. Blindgirl, the architect of that map placed resupply locations strategically around the map so that each jump has to be done a specific way. This prevents people from using more rockets than necessary or a different technique in some instances. For the most part though, you don't need to worry too much about this.


there are a few ways of saving your location on Jump Hell. The Jump Mode plugin allows this with several commands.

A simple way of doing the following commands in CHAT

(saves your location)
(teleports you to your saved location)

Another more efficient way is to bind two keys to separate commands for save and teleport respectively

using the CONSOLE, the commands are

bind [key] cpsave
bind [key] cptele

simple enough. i use I for teleport and O for save. keep the buttons away from your left hand and off your mouse to prevent failure. I am hesitant to say this but on Jump Hell saved locations are stored across classes. Meaning you can save your location and change class and then go back to that save. But this is cheating, and i'll talk about that at the end.

lastly, there are a few other commands used with the Jump Mode plugin.

there's no reason i can think of, but there are alternative commands to save and teleport to your location thru CHAT

they are jm_saveloc and jm_teleport for save and teleport respectively.

skip this chunk of text if you're not interested in details.
you can type jm_help in CHAT and then view that functions output in the CONSOLE for further information about the current version of Jump Mode. Some maps, such as cp_skyscraper (no longer on rotation) do not use the Jump Mode plugin, and i believe this is for a specific reason, that reason being that they are beginner maps that are intended to be played the way they are set up without jump mode.


i know this post has been way too long and i hope i dont have to break it up into smaller posts but the reason i did this was because now i can point people to this link so i don't have to explain everything every time someone new gets on. I like helping people but i dont want to waste more time than is needed. any of you should feel free to correct mistakes so i can edit this post to be a better resource for new people.

A couple of other things i'd say, DONT BE A CHEATER. if the map is made for soldiers, try it as a soldier. think about the jumps, dont just rush through it. If you're having trouble, dont switch classes right away. dont ask someone for a teleporter, dont get mad. Think about what needs to happen, ask someone for help, look up a video of someone doing the jump and practice. you will not get better if you don't keep trying. Seriously. No one's going to be proud of you for getting through jump_annex as a demoman.

I was considering doing a general jump tutorial as well, but thats been done plenty of times already and there are many more experienced players that could explain the techniques better than I could.

one last thing, dont forget about the chat commands !servers and !forums whenever you're on a saxton hell server for easy access to the other servers and forums when you're out and aboot.

so yeah thats basically it.

cheers from bombs and the rest of the saxton hell community.


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