Author Topic: why the heck do you guys consider that "capping" or "raging" is noobish?  (Read 1118 times)

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i'm really and honestly curious as to why some people do so when there are no rules against the use of these 'tools'. they are there for a reason, so you might as well use them and get the fuck used to being on the wrong end of them.

to me, the Rage is there to make sure that nobody interferes with you as you kill your foes and to disable sentry nests. annoy me too much with gunfire and you're a target for the Rage, simple as that.

as to the capture point, by the time the CP is available, i'm tired of chasing people, all but 2 people are dead and itching to get back into the game, and there's a rule on the servers about holding up the round, so why should i continue holding up the round with everybody dead and just talking about the match when i could finish it up by capping, especially on FF2 when everybody is begging to be summoned when a boss who can summon is being played?

the main thing i find ironic, however, is that these people who frown on capping do NOTHING to stop me, other than to tell me to stop capping. if you want somebody to stop capping, you have to make them stop capping yourself. besides, at least if you try to stop them, it's far better than cowering while you attempt to reason with someone who can't be reasoned with, even if you die trying in my opinion.

Help. I don't know where this belongs.

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Hale killed me so he sucks  >:(

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I would rather be capped on than have some asshole hale stop trying on the last person.