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General Discussion / Delete
« on: June 27, 2012, 12:31:25 pm »
Delete please

Made any changes to the game? Reskinned your weapons? Your classes? Or perhaps you have a new HUD? Show em off here.

Download Skins here
Usually the files you download should include a README document telling you where to install the files. Its as easy as copying and pasting files.

How to download and install skins (Audio quality is crap)
How to Install custom Team Fortress 2 Skins.

Have any questions at all? Go here

Oh, Don't mind me, I just downloaded this BAMF skin pack.

Download Tron Fortress Starter Pack

Look here for more Tron-related shiz

Also got this beamsaber to reskin my eyelander (Shield not included). Goes well with the whole "tron fortress" setup I have.
Download here

Zombie Hell / Zombie Fortress Maps General
« on: June 13, 2012, 03:53:35 pm »
Discuss/Rant/Praise any maps you find on the zombie fortress server!

Want to suggest a new map?
Look here
Or try Google

My recommended maps:


[Map creator's youtube video]
Combines ctf and zombie fortress. Unfortunately I cannot find a download link to this map. :/

Video Gameplay

-Can't find a download for this one. (Also has some spawn camping issues if the zombies are filled with retards who can't into teamwork. Durr.


Maps to consider for removal:

-That song which continuously loops is entirely too annoying.
Yeah yeah, I could just mute the game, but how would I know where my enemies are?

zf_Dest_nuke (I forgot the name)
-This is the map where you have to defend the bomb from being destroyed by zombies. Although its fun, its easily exploitable by a cloak n dagger spy shooting acid at the bomb with his sick perk and hiding while the acid melts the bomb's shields in a couple of minutes.

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