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Submit Ban / Voteban abuse
« on: March 12, 2019, 03:01:03 am »
steam profile:
details corresponding to this ticket,
server Machine Hell #2, March 12, 2019, 2.25 AM CDT.

out-of-the-blue, straight kicking me out for absolutely no reason other than not picking Spy, in a spawn room full of Spies. A trend I have no idea who had started, when, or why, when I spawned and picked a class other than Spy, having no knowledge of what was going on.

I had been playing Machine Hell with THOSE players, up to that point, for a good hour, with no issue (as you can tell by the console being full of outputs by the server), and upon the map change, I connect to the new map, spawn, pick my class, and I find myself in a spawn room full of Spies.
I have voice chat disabled, and nobody asked me anything through the in-game chat... the only thing I read was the player named "Sky Gamer" (as shown in the screenshot) stating "probably russian". A statement completely out of place, because I HAD been chatting with them for a good hour, in perfect English.

let me restate the point: I was vote banned, by a group I had been playing with for an hour, for the sole reason of not responding *to the request of picking Spy*, *for the sole purpose of keeping a trend*, *through the channel of the voice chat*, *having been seen using the text chat up to that point*.
the point is not to protest the ban (which I could do through the proper webpage IF said webpage was functional, which is not the case on my end), but to protest abusive behavior: instigation of a vote ban, repeatedly, for absolutely no reason other than discontent with the response of refusing to follow a trend.

I attach the picture of my profile as well, showing the "last played with", in local time.
As I say, played for more than an hour, with the same players who accepted the vote ban, with no issue.

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