Author Topic: TRADE MINECRAFT 2014 V2 exploit/bug/whatever, players teleporting on the roof  (Read 4164 times)

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inb4 TF2 update, again, also this person glitched it, for no particular reason, Dr. Chipolte managed to build an exit teleporter on the roof and players started TP'ing up there. <-- Fortunately, no one can't get to that other area. <-- WTF, I still can't back into the battlements.

Also, the reason the trades weren't working, Valve put out another subsequent update to TF2 fixing crashing related to using custom HUDs.  I couldn't even change loadout on my Scout for some dumb reason and steam tells me "no connection" when clearly it ignores all other internet activity going around it.

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That spot is more of like.. A feature.

As long as it doesn't allow players to get into enemy spawns I don't mind it that much.