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Suggestion for Homewrecker/Maul
« on: June 22, 2013, 02:36:56 am »
I have a suggestion for the Pyro's Homewrecker/Maul. The weapon is really weak compared to the Powerjack/Fireaxe/Pan and those other good melee weapons, so it has no good use for Saxton Hale. There are no sappers to take off friendly Engineer's buildings. The damage is ridiculous. The Homewrecker/Maul needs a good use for VSH.

For the Homewrecker/Maul: On Hit: 10 ammo to the Pyro's current Primary Weapon.

The suggestion is not OP because the damage from the Homewrecker/Maul is lacking compared to the Fire Axe. It's also not OP because the boost is not that high and only works if you're 1v1'ing Hale. Hale can easily air strafe goomba you. Hale can also rage you, that's why it's there. Theoretically, you can only get 19 hits with the homewrecker while airblasting (with the effect). That's a whopping 2774 damage IF Hale doesn't rage you. Compared to the Fire Axe (you only get 10 airblast-hits with it) you deal 1950 damage.

I'm making this suggestion for the Pyros that like to airblast-hit Hale. It only works if you're 1v1'ing Hale, so it's balanced. The effect doesn't go toward the Secondary Weapon slot, only the Primary Weapon slot. What do you guys think?
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