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zf_overlord_b1 (Map submit)
« on: December 23, 2016, 04:00:21 am »
hi everyone and VoiDeD too! ;) so... i have a new map submit again call: zf_overlord_b1 this kind like turtle attack map but, without a hat turtle on HARD difficulty.

ok let's go see overall of zf_overlord_b1!

This is human spawn room all credits who made is map in this room already so feel free to read them all. (NOTE: NORMAL difficulty will look like this but, if you pass NORMAL difficulty to HARD difficulty the room texture will change too.)

This is outside look like the zombies spawn is on top human head! so watch out for spy raining backstab on you. The rocket is acid water so.. don't get roar off.

Welcome to first capture point the zombies spawn will sapwn on top left of building and they have 5 sec ubercharge when they spawn and they can block a first point so you have to kills zombies quickly to move on to 2nd point.

If you guys can capture the first point the gate will open and you have 2 ways to go on the next arena. what anything you do before leave first point just keep running and look back for spy if they any spy left behind.

This is inside of building to 2nd point the zombies will spawn on top of lamp and behind a boxes. (sorry the fov can't not capture the boxes so you know when in too it.)

Welcome to 2nd point the zombies spawn is nearby a point and have a death pit too and of course the zombie spawn will have 5 sec ubercharge again but, this point can't not be block by zombies! (yay!)

You got a 2nd point now human team? ok good let's move on! this room this look so simple nothing else just only button open a door but, no! the zombies will randomly spawn that arena to protect the button open a door. The button can be hit by anything you can shoot it or just melee it.

When to door is open the human will pass this cliff way and have zombies spawn on top too if you nearby cliff edge you know the deal... ROAR!!

Keep Moving! you can do it!

This giant cannon do nothing just a prop of the map on NORMAL difficulty. but, on HARD difficulty will have 5 MvM Tanks to destroy that giant cannon so, don't let any tanks in to it 1 tank in is GAME OVER. And Zombies will have jump high effect too (6 Jumps) if you want to go human find iron ladder it nearby on brick wall.

This train yard room zombies will spawn here so randomly on NORMAL difficulty this room just zombies randomly spawn in but, on HARD difficulty will randomly spawn here too but, the timer will freeze why? because the human need to destroy all tank to go next arena so, the door is lock on HARD difficulty if not destroy all MvM tanks.

Chose you pass way. go left? or go right?

This way if you chose go to the right past.

This way if you chose go to the left past.

All two past will connect to this arena.

Keep moving you almost win the NORMAL difficulty. (NOTE: HARD difficulty will go another way on last point.)

When you out from subway the zombies team will spawn inside window of BAR building now follower the past to giant building like... Harry Potter School.

This is a final capture point of NORMAL difficulty just go in and beware of you head human team! the zombies team will spawn on top of you head (again)

Good job! you bead NORMAL difficulty now come to HARD difficulty same past of NORMAL difficulty let's jump right in to it what is new on HARD difficulty?

Hummm... look not same as NORMAL difficulty right? aw.. whatever let's move on.

Well well well... what is it? a MvM Tanks attack giant cannon?! SHOOT THEM DOWN! (NOTE: 1 Tank inside giant cannon base is... GAME OVER!)

Now come to the hard part is... the NORMAL difficulty you have to go right! now, you have to go left to this elevator and you have to wait human players come in do not be jerks!

This arena is toxic room no zombies spawn here so easy past but, do not go edge of purple texture or purple cloud you will died! (NOTE: this arena can't not rocket jump, sticky jump or ninja high jump it have high limit.) you heath will drain 3-5 hp per-sec.

Now when you walk in to capture point you have to fight zombies again and zombies got 5 sec ubercharge when they spawn inside them spawn room.

When you capture point the timer will not be add more time so this why you need to wait human players before to this! Welcome to BOSS FIGHT ROOM! you have to kill it quickly or the timer run out!

If human win a "BOSS FIGHT" the timer will add more time to escape. The escape past will walk pass this giant robots room.

Finally! You did it human team you bead HARD difficulty!

Overall is: Half-Normal Half-Hard difficulty map so, don't be a jerks!
Files Map Upload by: Safety!
ALL CREDIT GO TO: SLAG Gaming (The human spawn room have them all!)

so... I'm hope "VoiDeD" add it soon this is good or not? i will post more map soon i have a lot of them (Spoiler Alert: it a map pack.)

Good luck and have Fun! ^^