Author Topic: The meta game needs to stop.  (Read 912 times)

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The meta game needs to stop.
« on: April 24, 2016, 09:21:12 pm »
It has come to my attention that the friend perk has become more and more of a meta in the server. Be it friend medic on resource solly, friend medic on jugger demo, friend on friend on friend to get a massive attack boost. Isn't the point of having the other perks is to have variety? Why use nonlethal, charit, and any other perks when a friend mixed with jugger or resource is an almost guaranteed win? I almost religiously use resourceful soldier and trust me, mixing that hp regain and ammo source with the friend perks damage and health is insane. Yes, the friend perk encourages some teamwork but not always. Friend meds tend to ignore their team to keep their selected friend alive which can get most of the team killed just the medic and his pockets benefit. Now off of that perk and on to selfless: the perk people use to 'troll' or when they've given up on winning on red but still want to take a spot on the team. I'm pretty sure the reason of selfless is to be well, selfless. Be the sacrifice that saves the team in the last few seconds. Is it used that way? No, it's used as a joke perk. Sure the %20 defense boost to nearby teammates is nice but do the people using the perk really care about that? They just run in to a crowd of zombies and get a few kills with the explosion or hide till the end of the round and then let the zombies horde them for an easy high score. Now on to the zombie perks and their current meta's. Leap is a often reoccurring perk I've seen. you'll have a team ranging from 1 leap scout or spy going up yo 8 or more. Which can lead to them feeding wise players or feeding resourceful players. Vampiric is used every now and then, just like roar and combust. They're good perks, some of the best for zombies. But what about the others?  Why use alpha for it's damage when roar can get up to 70+ a hit. I'd mention Alpha's health regain bonus but that seems to not work with the perk. So it's a perk mostly used to mess with players. Kill them then summon them in to environmental hazards until they leave or go spy. The damage bonus it gains is good yes, but it's still outdone by roar which can work alone and more efficiently.

Horrifying is a mess of a perk and adds no change to a fight whatsoever. It's debuffs it grants on a hit are meager and it's bright green glow easily prevents it from getting the drop on anybody. The whole perk needs an overhaul in my opinion. I forgot to mention previously about the survivor perks. Athletic is being used in a rather strange way, grab an eyelander, any shield that's allowed and the wee booties, get four heads then run which annoys almost the entire server and provides no teamwork whatsoever. The charging to remove all debuffs is hard to fight as well, you'll get the demo bleeding and he'll just charge to remove the bleed debuff. I've seen quite a few players doing this strategy lately.

Now on to my bad attempts at fixing these issues.
Friend: Limit one person to one friend so you won't have 3 meds friending one soldier. Or limit the friend perk so just only 2 may use it at a time. (Donors may exceed the limit) If a friend selects a resourceful using player, the friend perk user will gain no attack or hp regain but the selected player will. Do the same with wise or any other perk that gains benefits from kills.
Selfless: Make the explosion based on how many teamates you're granting buffs too. One would be a direct hit sized, Two would be airstrike, Four would be stock, anything above 7 would make the explosion the size it currently is. This will force them to be near teammates to utilize the explosion to its fullest.
Athletic: The perk itself is fine unless paired with the eyelander and booties so I suggest increasing the eyelanders head counter to five heads each for the power of one head. So you'd need a total of twenty to get it's full power, encouraging a less cowardly approach to the perk.
Alpha: Increase its health regain with nearby zombies while slightly increasing it's attack per zombie. There's not really anything you can do to prevent griefing with the perk unless an admin is always on to moderate.
Leap: Easy, just limit it to only 3 - 4 leap users at a time (Donors may exceed the limit)
Horrifying: Increase it's debuffs by -8 to all stats on each hit by scout, capping at -40. -2 to all stats on each hit by spy (Backstabs give -50 to each stat but cannot be stacked any further) Heavies will grant -10 to all stats per hit, capping at -60. If the player hits a survivor with current buffs, their stats will be drained to 0 for thirty seconds while taking half of the stat damage from horrifying zombies. By all stats I also mean crit rate and speed as well so being hit once will remove random crits until the debuff is gone which lasts for thirty seconds (fifteen if being healed by a medic).

That's just my ideas, please tell me what you think and what your ideas for the server are.