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Lerp changing and other things
« on: July 28, 2012, 09:45:29 pm »
What in the blue hell is "lerp"?

Basically, lerp is the amount of time/space your airblast reads as far as the server reads it, the lower the lerp, the more precise you have to be with your airblast, however (in my case scenario), its less likely to misread an airblast with lower lerp when pointed in the general area of the rocket/nuke.

Yeah, thats nice and all, but how the hell do I change my lerp?

There is three ways to do it, first, Right click TF2 on Steam, then click Properties and click Set launch options.

Then, copypasta "cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 0" without quotes,  for 0 lerp. If you want slightly higher lerp, go along with cl_interp 0.005, cl_interp 0.01, etc.

You could also do this in the Developer Console as well, to get to the console, start TF2, go to options, keyboard, and click Advanced.  Check "Enable Developer Console" and click ok and apply.  To open the Console, simple hit the "~" key, while there, you can type the same commands as before, except you don't have to leave the game to do it. (Since the recent updates, you can only do this method while in spectate mode or whilst you're dead.)

The third and final method involves autoexec.cfg.  Navigate to TF2 config folder first, which will be here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg

If autoexec.cfg isn't there, don't worry, just open notepad and create one (when you Save As, choose all files and name it autoexec.cfg).

This is probably the most flexible route, as you can include more than just lerp commands in it, for example my config for DB:

cl_cmdrate 100 <-- Talks with the server how much packets are being sent to you.
cl_interp 0
cl_interp_ratio 0
cl_lagcompensation 1
cl_pred_optimize 2
cl_smooth 0
cl_smoothtime 0.01
cl_updaterate 100 <--- Same with this one.
rate 60000
viewmodel_fov 54
fov_desired 90

Basically, copypasta this into the notepad document and save it in the method mentioned before.

How cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate run is dependent on how good your FPS is, If you get over 100+ FPS, you should be fine running this, if not, try lowering to 66 for the both of them.  however, its preferred to be at 100, since most servers won't take higher than that.

viewmodel_fov I found out on a complete mistake, this happens to look like a close up towards the end of the flamethrower, it helps me see when to airblast, if this isn't your cup of tea (like if it feels too stiff or you can't see jack shit), then increase the fov to your desired amount (highest is 170 I believe), same goes with fov_desired, however this command only has a max of 90.

Your settings suck balls, I can't airblast a damned thing!

Don't worry, everyone seems to have a different preference on this, like a lot of people prefer 10 lerp (cl_interp 0.01) or have a few settings changed from here to there.  It takes a lot of trial and error to get the perfect combo for your liking, don't give up on it, ask for help if needed.


It was brought to my attention that the server's "!fov" command changes both viewmodel_fov and fov_desired to the same number.

Difference is, viewmodel_fov changes how much of the character's model you can see, while fov_desired changes how much of the landscape you can see.  Just throwing that out there.


Updated the guide after SteamPipe and other recent updates to TF2.  Also added info that fov_desired can only go up to 90 without DBH's !fov plugin.
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Re: Lerp changing and other things
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