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Map updates and other news.
« on: July 30, 2014, 11:37:51 pm »
Alrighty, first off, I have updated Rooftops2 and Mag Pyro.

Rooftops2_b4b - Map.

- Made the Garage Doors NOT solid (for real this time) (Thank you Neeshyboy)
- Made the planks easier to set off (like in the older version of Rooftops.
- The skybox is slightly beefier, to accomodate for Lamp's Girth.
- Set in a trigger that restores your HP to 175, so rocket jumping no longer has a drawback.
- Changed the 1v1 music from Metaknight's Revenge to Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm.

Mag_Pyro_b5b - Map

- Fixed the purple lighting problem.
- Beefed up the skybox slightly.

accelerator_b7 (I did not make this map) - Map

This was the one I was told by most older players this is the version of the map they remember, so here you go.

Lastly, congratulations to Preneesh for setting a brand spanking new Speed Dodgeball record! 1396 MPH on Rooftops2. Video below, enjoy. <3

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