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Zombie Hell / Needs votekick
« on: January 25, 2017, 03:25:26 am »
I've not played on the ZF server for quite some time and was happy to see people along with the server still running, joined a game picked my perks and tried to 1v3 the survivors because more then half my team refused to fight their "friends" even going so far as helping them by dropping hp, "easy to fix, they wont play with us fairly we'll vote them off." but we cant. in fact you cant start a vote at all. well admin can fix this, ill check the group! but it was 3 am, everyone has a life and thus, is sleeping. I go 13 rounds of this, the person set team preference to zombies and refused to hit anyone after seeing that we could not beat them, players join, complain about the heavy's blame the game mode and leave. I told them it was not fair, they made jokes about how zombies are op, so they are making it fair, I told them to at least hit the players who are not friends with them, "those are my friends friends!" I told them I'd have to call an admin, "yeah sure go ahead and do that lol"

Im calling an admin. I am Player 4 in the steam group Saxton Hell and I have a screenshot with the player names of the two im reporting, I know its a long post but it hurts me to see servers with such fun game modes ruined by something like this, most people would just find a new server but that doesn't fix the problem.

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