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Deathrun Hell / Re: Map Rotation / Map Suggestions
« on: April 07, 2015, 09:17:52 am »
(Assuming this is the right place to be posting this; I'm used to the game mode, not the forums. :P)
I think the removal of Forice (vsh_dr_forice_b6) should be taken into consideration.

From my personal experience, I can say the map is terrible. Some reasons?
-Terrible appearance. (Essentially nothing but squarish rooms with squarish features, with the squarish hallway connecting the two; also, textures are extremely simplistic, the motivator is basically stolen from Area 51, and I know at least that pumpkin trap is somewhat a near duplicate of the pumpkin trap on Office, albeit with much less effort put into it.)
-Assuming the Hale knows how to aim at a button about the size of a LVL 1 sentry, and there is no freerun, the Hale can win every time with ease. (There are plenty of traps you basically can't trick the Hale into activating, such as the humongous dropping floor, the pumpkin trap which gets you even if you're not standing on the floor (and above it instead), and that exploding hallway between the two traps which kills you even if you're not directly inside.)
--Adding onto this, there are three door traps, one of which even has three doors! This adds an unenjoyable difficulty to the map as four players (or more) could easily be lost simply in the process of guessing doors, leaving the team 4 (or more) players down on the rest of the ridiculous traps on the map. Also, just a note: people always take forever at these doors and the chance of the motivator killing the hesitant players is quite high.
-The map is painfully long. I never bothered counting how many traps there are in all, but it takes a while to get through even WITHOUT the traps, and with the traps, the team basically hesitates to death.

Anyway, enough with my own opinions. From what I've seen on the map, it seems that at least a quarter of the team rtvs almost immediately, if not more, sometimes pleading for the rest to do the same and getting most of the people needed to rtv and then sitting there waiting for the last few needed votes. Many more have complained about the same thing I have from what I have seen, especially the door traps. I know I have seen people switch to spectator or leave so they don't have to waste their turn as Hale, and some others simply leave the server because they can't stand the map and/or are bored out of their minds.

Anyway, I don't want to make this wall of text any larger, and I figure I've gotten my point across, so I'll shush and hope Voidy removes this.

Thanks for reading. :3

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