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IT MORE MAPS TIME! [New Map For XMAS 2017! Ho! Ho! Ho~!]
« on: May 29, 2017, 10:35:45 am »
Hello everyone and yes! it finally for more new maps on server! and sorry about delay of the new maps i kind boring and think a lot of maps that i going summit it to server.

[3 Survivals Map 1 Defend Map]
Well.. that go away now let's all have a look maps that i got in my mind for such a long time!

The first maps is "Night Tower" this map have story too! the story is: mercs got new job to go investigate the factory of "Purple Cliff" that have something not right about the factory but, the plan not going well mercs got trap inside factory with full of un-dead and they will survival to find a way to the top of building for chopper!

Overall: This map have a lot of hallway and a lot of zombies that going to kill you!

UPDATE: zf_nighttower_v1a have problem on last point for zombies to spawn on it (I forgot to test it before summit) :( so i have to downgrade to zf_nighttower_v1_21. The download link is update to "zf_nighttower_v1_21" right now!

Next up is "Valley Offices" a big building with big room to play around this map not have a lot camp spot you have to build your own camping spot like for real. This map i play in chinese server it very difficult to stay alive if TANK spawn in it very hard to beat a map. (if someone go pyro and airblast TANK it fine.)

Overall: not very difficult or this it if you group up with another humans you will be fine.

Next is "Silent Hill" Found on Korea Server (But, I can't find it now the server is gone but, i have the maps files ;) ) a small area with heath and ammo a little bit and A LOT OF FOG! The Zombies will spawn on the hill if someone rocket/sticky jump over the wall will died you know get swarming by zombies team on the hill without heath kit.

Overall: 2Spooky4Me very difficult if you get overrun!

Last map is kind WIP map but, still can be playable! and the mapper who made is map say: his computer got clean up the backups files he got on just gone too so yeah. oh right! The Name of this map is "Under Lumberyard (Alpha Version)" It a under ground of Lumberyard arena mode.

Overall: A lot of doors! A lot of zombies spawn point! and A lot of hidden spot! but, don't need to be panic zombies team this map have 12 mins to survival! (Just like zf_stinks but, with 2 more mins!)

phew I think that all i got for now 4 new maps! i'm hope you all enjoy and have fun on this 4 new maps!

[Update New Maps!]
Hey, what time this it? It New Maps Time! It New Maps Time! (asdfmovie 8 It Muffin Time! song)

Welcome to "zf_warning_a01" when i first try play on this map it kind have felling of counter strike zombies map in side of it.

Here is the zombies spawn look like. (Spawn behind humans team)

Overall: Just try to survival not that hard at all.

Well, on the next map! "zf_woodfort_B2" survival in very small room in wood fort when zombies try to overrun all the humans in wood fort.

Overall: This kind like egyptmansion but, you will get in to it it kind challenge too! (Hint: Teamwork is the key no screw around)

Next, This "The Mall" from L4D2. I know you see a "ATG Clan" yes this it from ATG Clan but, the files maps kind very hard to find but, i found it!

Overall: It just like the old time again.

Last of the list is "zf_dust_nuke_v2" The Defend Bomb Map! The Bomb have 3 Layers of glasses to zombies to break it but, the 3 layers of glasses kind very hard to break it down too. so huamns team don't get overrun!

Overall: Hard map very big giant room in this map and a lot of full heath kit and ammo boxes too.

[Pen15 Version Update!]
Hi, I have good news about "pen15" I know you hate/love that map by Alex Turtle aka TurtleWithHat now... I go ask him about permission to use his map! now gear up your weapons, skills, friendship and TEAMWORK! to win this map AGAIN!

welcome to "zf_pen15_v10" before go any far from here let's us recap "zf_pen15_v2" look like.

BEFORE PEN15 VERSION. (zf_pen15_v2)

AFTER PEN15 VERSION. (zf_pen15_10)

Pretty cool hum?! and This new version have "Level 2" yep! "Level 2" when your defeat the boss level 1 and round is reset to new round and new arena everything your know will be on FIRE! with EPIC! Sound Effect play on background! I can't spoiler to much you have to find it yourself.

Overall: It's always a good time have some FUN!

[Panic but, it 50 Floors!]

Hi everyone it been long time (again) on pass few weekend of august i have idea want to remake some maps, remastered (same as remake but, just add some little textures to it) and recreate too! and i finally did it! only half 2 weekend i finally make my map! this map all about memes, lazy work and basic hammer editor to make this map. lady and gentlemen i present to you with... "zf_panic_v50f" it panic map but, it 50 floors all credits can be see by join in this map and let's have some FUN!

Zombies spawn got some very nice smooth light and no more creepy blood any more.

Humans on underground part got some update lights.

On The surface of panic house skybox light is high tower.

Credits room!

Overall: It a fun map i was going add some only zombies ladder but, i forgot to add it. Do not worry this map is 10 mins and 30 sec to survival! so have fun hunt down a humans and humans fun to drop from a very top of building.

Update 1: Fix some walls not match, Add some texture to match a wall texture and fix something that leaked out of the map.

[New Mall_b5_fix New look and lighting]

Hi and Yes is me,safety long story short.. I can't find zf_mall_b5 Fix Version of it, so i have to make fix it by myself and add some new lighting, props and zombies spawn too! so here is update list on "zf_mall_b5_fix"

- New Zombies spawn points and lighting in zombies spawn.
- Mall look even look better then ever! (MORE LIGHTING!)

- Engineer no longer building inside elevator on setup time any more.

Overall: New Look, New Stuff and 5 Mins to survival.

Update: Remove A.T.G. on wall reason is error texture!
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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 12:50:14 pm »
*This reply to minimum my post for people who want a quick accept download and new maps.

Hi everyone! Yes it time to make zf_chillchain better then ever! I make the remake of it but, still same as original base. I do add something in to this remake so let's just jump in to it!

What's new in zf_chillchain_remake?
- Better Zombies Spawn
- 2nd Capture Point of Zombies Spawn no longer can't be shoot tho.
- Zombies can't not block the point any more at less on the last point.
- Add some trees, textures etc.
- Some door now open faster!
- Remove truck behind first point for been attack by spy and heavy hunter perk.

Picture is COMING SOON! (I have to go sleep so it will upload soon or i just lazy forget about it)

Overall: Better then ever that all i can say.
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zf_festive_yard_v1 [Made By Safety & Turner148]
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2017, 08:52:22 am »
Happy holiday everyone! and Merry XMas 2017! OK, You may know now by read a tittle. it a new snow or xmas theme map for this server! and everyone who found this topic too! enough chit-chat let's all see a screenshot of this map!

NOTE: This Version of Is Map It Not FINAL VERSION! It will may have something change it later.

This is a "New Zombie Spawn" The idea of this spawn by: MAG.

Hotfix for v1: - Nerf secret power up pick-up to 1.00s before it gone forever and change "Haste" to "Precision" Power Up.
- Change Teleport's Location From Sky To Ground.

Overall: Merry XMas 2017 Everyone! ;)
Download Hotfix:
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