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Deathrun Hell #1 & #2 / Re: Map Rotation / Map Suggestions
« Last post by 111112oo on September 09, 2018, 04:12:44 am »
NEW: - The most amazing map we've all been waiting for: Playstation!
Make sure to follow instructions in the readme to make the Wipeout minigame faster and more fun. + also have tf_allow_player_use 1 on!
UPDATE: - Update to Runoff!
Deathrun Hell #1 & #2 / Re: Map Rotation / Map Suggestions
« Last post by 111112oo on August 21, 2018, 06:00:16 am »
New: - Trollrun Redux, a different version of Trollrun, add it separately. - Underworld
Updates:!CNRhCASR!-S4kO9sGPJD6BWBx-I5EnaxqF5N8361dRbMWH3v31x4 - Office V5, OFFICIAL UPDATE. This isn't an edit, this is the real deal! Make sure to remove the old kill/hurt zones.
Submit Ban / Voteban Evader
« Last post by SwampertGirl on July 25, 2018, 10:33:25 pm »
Name: Icehead
Steam ID:
Description: This guy is just a genuine douche. Not only has he crashed several people from Detonator shots, but has evaded vote ban twice by leaving and coming back.
Screenshots provided of both instances.
Submit Ban / Explicit Spray
« Last post by SwampertGirl on July 06, 2018, 12:35:04 am »
Person in Question:
Where it Happened: Machine Hell #2 Server
Description: This player sprays a pornographic spray of Moon (from Pokemon Sun/Moon). She is no older than 12. You can see clearly from the screenshot why is explicit.
Evidence: See attachment. You have been warned.
Zombie Hell / zf_dusty_hill_v1 [Request by Keter.]
« Last post by Safety on June 06, 2018, 08:38:22 am »
Hey! Hey! Hey! Everyone Yes as you see the title of this reply and title of topic the new map is here and make something spice things up. Keter has been request for me to make some new look out of zf_silenthill so, yeah i spend some of my free times from school making this map.

OK, Let's talk about the map it self what it look like but, just in case for everyone who gotta angry about my silly thing or something evil my map well, this one no silly secret "Mann Power Ups" in it! (SOLDIER ALERT: zf_festive_yard_v2 secret mann power ups will be remove and replace with something FAIR!)


Overall: So Dusty, So Foggy and So Hard To See!
Machine Hell #1 & #2 / Machine Attack Maps and Premium upgrades
« Last post by Kachopper9 on June 04, 2018, 01:24:13 pm »
Hey, I just made an account to ask, are the Machine attack the old ones or the remastered ones?

Because I can't get premium upgrades to work on any of them.
Submit Ban / False Banning
« Last post by Lucky Doodles on April 19, 2018, 08:40:55 pm »
Me (and i think 2 other people) got vote banned from the game even though we were doing nothing wrong. The only thing that caused me to get banned was killing him. 2 other people got vote banned off the zombie hell server.
Steam ID
His friend (both voted to ban me and presumably the other guys)

I cant say exactly why the other two guys were vote banned off as the round i killed one of them they voted to bane me and and it succeded before i had time to say something

EDIT: The ban list now shows 2 new people who were vote banned of the zombie hell server
Deathrun Hell #1 & #2 / Re: Map Rotation / Map Suggestions
« Last post by 111112oo on April 06, 2018, 03:55:01 am »
Fuck it here's some maps. I want this server to be alive again and I'd love if events could be hosted like the ones for the VSH server.
I'm getting nostalgia writing up this.

NEW: - monkeyball - home sweet home - retroland - mandrillmaze!3YZUSSCZ!ySDgRyVzZLVbemmX9YEEQM7gBGXgH-Ow9XOPrxP8B_E - technoir impossible
UPDATES: - big egypt update, remove the kill zones you had set before because the pit has been overhauled - bank update - derelict, ignore what i said previously about this update!HEI1jATZ!hYyT9t6-d4i1Qafn4z-eRSsz1q25ARp2URT4WgvQbI8 - big necrodancer update, new area!3RYVUJYA!xmxW2_bISMg-zePXXxR7VIu78fpEVKBCjiS5KmB2TJA - OFFICIAL office update, it shares the same name as other edits of the map so maybe rename it
vsh_dr_dreamytrack_b2 - an old, bad port of mine that i never got permission for
vsh_dr_coldmetal_rebalance_fix - please

Submit Ban / Map exploiter
« Last post by carpathia123 on March 01, 2018, 12:27:46 pm »

There's an engineer that was exploiting the map to get above the whole ground, and could put sentries and stuff to basically killing the giant robot(s)

The server is Machine Hell #2
Machine Hell #1 & #2 / Machine Attacks Premium Upgrade HUD
« Last post by happy_papi on February 05, 2018, 07:02:55 pm »
Hi all,

I have the Premium Upgrade HUD v4.0.

It does not work with the maps on Machine Hell, so I can only buy the NORMAL upgrades.

Anyone know where to get v3.8 or older. I have looked at a steam support page that is commonly referenced, but the links now take you to a "page not found" site.

Atm I am too frustrated to play as the normal upgrades barely keep me alive by mid way thru a map.
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